future city/ electric street sounds

EU legislation, introduced July 2019, requires all new four-wheeled electric and hybrid vehicles to have acoustic vehicle alert systems (AVAS) that make an audible warning sound when travelling at speeds of 12mph (20km/hr) or less. They cannot be switched off by the driver. The sounds are not standardised so each manufacturer is developing their own sounds.

Two example sounds from Nissan Electric:

This is the sound the electric Leaf makes when driving at low speeds.

This sound will play when the car moves backward at low speeds.

Nissan Leaf EV Reverse Sound

Image source: https://www.automotive-iq.com

steely gaze

Relatum-Stage (2018) is an outdoor commission at the Serpentine Gallery, London. It is the latest work in South Korean born artist Lee Ufan’s Relatum series, begun in the 1960s. Each work is a composition using the same two materials, steel and stone. Here two rocks, one large one small, are placed either side of an angled steel plate. The interest lies in the viewer’s interaction with the mirror-polished stainless steel, and its reflections. The viewer either sees herself centre stage against the backdrop of trees, or, as if from the wings, watches the dynamic play of people moving through the park. Who is watching who?

Relatum-Stage is at the Serpentine until 27 Jan 2019